Fender Japan ’72 Stratocaster ST72-58 Surf Green 2004

$ 1090.77

Fender Japan ’72 Stratocaster ST72-58 Surf Green 2004

Fender ’72 Strat, surf green, crafted in Japan 2004-5. Surf green, what a dream! This is one cool looking Strat: summery colour, cream guard, super dark rosewood slab fretboard, big bold black CBS-era logos and cute little white button tuners add up to a very stylish creature indeed. It’s had some fun mods too: upgraded pickups, CTS pots and fancy caps, a nice bone nut… sensible stuff, and all handy little life upgrades. The tone on offer is extra Strat-tastic: bright, bouncy and brilliant, with a glassy top end, understated smooth mids and a weighty, plonky bass. It’s super fun for funky staccato stuff or SRV style lead lines. The neck is a comfy slim round shape, and at 3.4kg it’s pretty light, so you’re never working too hard. It’s fun to be alive with this one in your hands.

Model: Fender Japan Stratocaster ST72-58
Made: Japan, 2004-5, Dyna Gakki plant
Serial: R053120
Finish: surf green, gloss poly 
Body: basswood
Neck: maple, rosewood fretboard, 25.5″ scale, 7.25″ radius, slim 70s U shape
Weight: 3.445kg
Mods: pickups replaced, re-wired with CBS pots, USA switch and orange drop capacitors, tuners replaced, guard replaced, bone nut installed
Pickups: Fender American Vintage ’64 Stratocaster single coil x3
Accessories: Fender gig bag

Cosmetic condition notes: minor finish wear. The headstock has minor scuffs on the back. The neck is clean and smooth in the hands, no major marks. The back has minor scuffs around the cavity, belly carve and elbow area. The sides have dimples in the elbow area and some scuffs near the jack. The front has dimples near the jack, scuffs around the bridge and elbow area and some play wear on the guard and horns.
Overall: very good condition (8/10)

Playing condition notes: Action is low, neck is straight, intonation is good, truss rod works. All electronics tested and working properly. Wearing fresh 10/46 Moonshiners strings.
Fret life: 7/10, normal wear but no major buzz issues