Fender Jaguar 65 RI c 1995 Sunburst original vintage mij japan

$ 1895.00

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Original vintage mij fender 65 Jaguar reissue in gorgeous playing condition! These mij tenders were absolute top of the line instruments, head and shoulders above anything Fullerton USA was making at the time, (or since, according to some). This was the peak of Japanese craftsmanship, and these guitars have stood the test of time to become cherished by players and collectors alike.

This example is no exception, and plays like a dream. She’s seen only light use over the decades, and frets have very little wear. The neck is lightning fast and arrow straight, and she’s a joy in the hands. Cosmetically, she’s very nice indeed, with only the lightest natural play and finish wear, all included at no extra charge. She ships in a quality gig bag, not pictured. Enjoy!