Fender Jaguar 1974 mustang neck partscaster

$ 1347.80

The dream for someone after a vintage feeling jag on a budget! Vintage 1974 USA fender mustang neck on a MIM 2010’s fender Jaguar body in light blue. Seymour Duncan mini humbucker in the bridge and original pickup in the neck. Plays like a dream with low action and is ready to take on all your riff or surf rock needs! The neck is nearly worth the asking price alone so whoever snags this is getting a great deal! 7.25” radius with a nice and chunky feel. Frets are just starting to get on the low side but it’s totally workable and plays great. Neck has vintage 70s Ibanez star tuners (pretty hard to find a pair of these). Buzz stop installed behind the bridge to bring the sustain to life. Happy to send more photos! First pickup selector that toggles the coil split has been sanded down so I don’t knock it- switch still functions just not on the fly.

Happy to send sound clips to anyone who’s interested. Postage anywhere in aus for $35 or pickup from Wollongong 2500 NSW