Fender Jag-Stang 1996 – Left Handed Sonic Blue Collector Grade w /Provenance

$ 2200.00

1996 left handed first production run “Made in Japan” 50th Anniversary Fender Jag-Stang in Sonic Blue. All original. One owner. Comes with original hang-tags, manuals, wrenches, whammy bar and purchase receipts from Guitar Showcase San Jose, California. Will ship in original inner and outer box inside an outer shipping carton. Includes correspondence directly with Fender (back when they would actually interact with customers via their website) inquiring about lefty Jag-Stang and Mustang availability.

   I played this guitar infrequently for my first 2-3 years of ownership and left it in a gig bag after that, as I also bought a Mustang at the same time and preferred playing it.
  There is a little fret wear on the first five frets. There are several dimples in the paint on the back, none are down to bare wood and none would show up in photos. The Basswood used for these guitars seemed to be very soft and easily dinged. There is also a tiny dent on the round top of the headstock which is easier to feel than it is to see. For a brief time I had other pick-ups installed, but only the wires between the controls and the pick-ups were switched… the electronics are all original and the original pick-ups were re-installed. I put electrical tape around the bridge poles to keep it from moving back when I was playing it and left it on, but it is easily removable. Considering the aforementioned issues, I’d say its a solid 9.7 out of ten. There would have been a case for it, but the sales guy didn’t have any and wrote a note on the receipt to some other employee to look into getting one. They never contacted me… so no case. Oddly, the factory included two owner’s manuals and one specifications manual. These original issue lefty Jag-Stangs were only made for two years from what I’ve been able to discern. I believe it should be considered a collectors piece considering its provenance rather than a player, and a worthwhile investment commemorating the phenomenon that was Nirvana . If you agree… make an offer. Ships to the Continental United States only.