Fender J Mascis Signature Jazzmaster Purple Sparkle

$ 2900.00

Purple Sparkle J Mascis Signature Fender Jazzmaster Electric Guitar.
StayTrem bridge custom made for this guitar.
Custom Jazzmaster Vintage wiring assembly from Rothstein Guitars, with Curtis Novak pickups, (note the plastic wrap still on top), gold foil in the bridge, and wide range in the neck.
Please note the two cosmetic issues in the pics, taken close up so you know of any and all.
Three scratches on the pickguard, and one dent, total. They don’t catch my eye, but maybe yours. My girlfriend swears a few coats of her purple sparkle nail polish would fix that dent in the finish. Pickguard scratches would likely buff out with very light sand strokes in the direction of the metal. Noticing them also really depends on the angle of view as to the ‘severity’ – and how close up to the guitar you are – as you can see in multiple pics. And of course, they don’t affect the sound.
Frets: great. Excellent harmonics. Guitar otherwise in great shape as to playability, looks, and certainly ferocious, versatile sound.
Stored humified.
SKB Jazzmaster case, with locking key: VERY protective case.

Collector’s item. Rare sell. This set of custom features combined: rare.
Me getting to play it: rare – which is exactly why I’m selling.
Like all excellent sounding, thoughtfully designed and customized high end bada*s guitars – it deserves to be played!
Thanks for looking!