Fender Highway One Cocoa Transparent 2002

$ 968.93


Soft case



Highway One is a model that has been made reasonably priced by eliminating some of the painting process. It has a unique finish with lacquer paint, and the grain that can be seen through the paint is also beautiful. There are small chips in the paint, and the pickguard has the word OZZY written faintly. It is in good playing condition and has a good sound.

[Main specifications]

BODY Probably ash

NECK Maple



Neck: Straight

Truss rod: Room to spare

Frets remaining: 70%

String height: 6th string side 1.75mm 1st string side 1.75mm (above 12F)

Weight: 3.400 kg

Electrical system: No problems

Condition: There are many scratches and stains, but it is in good playing condition


6 months

※Valid only in Japan

■Serial No: Z2051171