Fender G-5 VG Stratocaster 2012 – 2015 – Black

$ 900.00

Very Clean Fender g5 Stratocaster. Black with maple fret board. This G5 in a nutshell is a stratocaster that plays as any strat would but you can also switch over to the Roland COSM technology that emulates several models of other guitars such as humbucker styles, etc. as well as other instruments such as a dobro, banjo and sitar. You can also switch to different tunings digitally on the fly as well as a 12 string effect and baritone.

If that intrigues you you should look up videos on these. It’s an extremely versatile guitar especially if your only allowed to have one.

Here was the original pitch from Roland:

Roland rewrote guitar-tech history with the debut of COSM technology, which first appeared on the pioneering VG-8 guitar-modeling system. Today, the new G-5 infuses a coveted Fender Stratocaster with advanced features realized by Roland’s COSM technology. In addition to offering all classic Stratocaster sounds and functionality, the G-5 provides a new world of electric and acoustic guitar tones recreated by COSM — including instantly accessible alternate tunings and 12-string sounds for all COSM guitar tones! The G-5 also offers a built-in library of coveted modeled pickup tones, and, thanks to COSM technology, also enables unique “ideal-performance” pickups, such as a humbucker with ultra-wide tone and a single coil with full, bold tone.