Fender Eric Johnson EJ Pre-Wired Stratocaster Pickguard

$ 211.00

Customize your tone with Fender Pre-Wired Stratocaster pickguards. Made with premium components in the same factory as the iconic guitars, this drop-in pickguard is easy to install.

This pick guard will need the neck pickup soldered in and It will need a grounding wire soldered in to attach to the body of the guitar. The pick guard does have a couple of blemishes that are shown in the photos.

With slightly hotter output than typical vintage pickups and a powerful combination of magnets, these sonically potent and highly dynamic pickups produce the perfect balance of clean, dirty rhythm and lead tones to satisfy all level of players, through any amplifier. Fender’s R&D engineers worked closely with world renowned guitarist and tone connoisseur Eric Johnson to craft the perfect pickups for his uniquely articulate sound.

Carefully blending Leo’s legacy with EJ’s modern discerning sonic tastes, these Strat pickups are a key element of EJ’s unmistakably pure tone. Each pickup is unique in structure and performance.

The neck pickup is based on a ’54 Strat pickup with oversized alnico 3 magnets. The middle pickup, based on a ’63 Strat pickup, uses specially treated alnico magnets and is reverse wound to cancel hum when used with the neck or bridge pickup.

The bridge pickup uses alnico 5 magnets and is specially voiced to be hotter without sacrificing that sweet top end sparkle.

Features:- Hotter output bridge pickup
– Highly dynamic, balanced output
– Oversize alnico 3 magnets in neck pickup
– Alnico 5 magnets in bridge and middle pickups
– Reverse-wound middle pickup to eliminate hum
– Designed to fit Fender Stratocaster guitars