Fender EOB Ed O’Brien Signature Sustainer Stratocaster

$ 1377.31

Up for sale is my as-new Fender EOB Sustainer Stratocaster,
in Olympic White.

I have three sustainer
guitars (including a second EOB Strat that I’ve modified), hence I’m selling this one as it’s
surplus to requirements and I want to replace the funds I recently used for
another guitar purchase.

This guitar is “as new”. The plastic covering is still on all the
plastic parts. It’s had maybe 10 hours
of playing total, always kept in my house, smoke-free and in its Fender gig bag
(also included). The only mod to the
guitar is the installation of locking strap buttons.

In addition to the gig bag I’ll also throw in the lovely
soft Canadian-made Parry’s Leathers strap with straplocks.

This is a really cool instrument, designed by Fender with Ed
O’Brien of Radiohead; lots of info is available about this model on the internet.

The incredible versatility of this guitar with its infinite
sustain, variety of pickups, and smoothness has attracted other artists,
including Brian May (Queen), The Edge (U2), and Trey Anastasio (Phish).

Key features:

• Fernandes Sustainer Circuit in the neck position expands
the guitar’s sonic landscape by creating near-infinite single or multi-string
sustain. It also has a function that
will cause harmonics that sound like feedback, so you can get the feedback effect
even playing through headphones!

• Unique Pickup Config: In addition to the Fernandes
Sustainer pickup in the neck position (which has a “hot rails”
sound), it has a Duncan JB Jr. humbucker in the bridge and a Fender Texas
Special in the middle.

• 9.5″-radius fingerboard with narrow-tall frets, makes
soloing and chord playing easy across the entire “10/56 V” neck,
which I must say is kind of like a baseball bat. It took me some time to get used to it, but I
like it a lot now!

• A “Flower of Life” logo on the neck plate, which
is an image said to represent the basis of music; the distances between the
spheres is identical to the distances between whole and semi-tones.

• Vintage-style bridge and Kluson-type tuning machines give
the guitar a classic Fender look and feel.

New, these guitars list for A$2299 and used ones typically sell for at
least $1950–if you can even find one in Australia–so the asking price is fair considering the instrument is in showroom condition. I’m in no
rush to sell but I’m happy to hear sensible offers.

I’m willing to post the guitar via Pack and Send at cost, or
deliver in the greater Sydney area for an extra $100… I love a good
roadtrip! Otherwise, free pickup from near Birkenhead
Point in Drummoyne, Sydney.