Fender Deluxe 8 DX-8 – Blonde 2006-2008 MIJ

$ 1998.00

A MIJ Deluxe 8 in killer fire NOS condition. Has few tiny shallow dings on the back (See photos. All wood-intact). Since I am a pro Japanese Hawaiian musician, and have been in a Japanese Hawaiian music world for more than 25 years, I have seen, bought and sold hundreads of Fender Japan steel guitars. This one is definitely the CLEANEST DX-8 I have ever owned. The factory protective film on the Fender logo plate is still there. There is no rust on anywhere of the hardware, including the legs. The most shocking part of this piece is, it has original manual, 2 tags, and cable. Plus, a set of NEW Fender Japan Deluxe 8 strings, all made in 2006-2008. Previous owner purchased these, played few hours, then kept it in the case unplayed for the last 18 years. The hardcase is also in immaculate condition with an original key.

Many of the US Fender steel guitars in used market today were made between 1950s-1970s. They are great for collectors but not good for real working musicians. This piece was made by skilled Japanese workers in a modern factory between 2006-2008 (“S0” serial). If you want to time-warp to 2006 and buy a new DX-8 in Japan, this is the chance.