Fender Custom Shop LTD ’72 Telecaster Custom Relic

$ 3300.00

Great tele. I wanna love it but I want a blonde black guard. I bought it on Reverb and the descriptions of the mods are from the guy I purchased it from. It was a 2020 Winter NAMM instrument. Great sustain and three fantastic, distinct sounds in all pickup positions. (The Wide Range in this one to my ears has tons of character, a bit dark/throaty in a great way, making that position sound like a jazz box. It is not a trebly or crystal clear neck pickup)

Ash body, maple neck. Neck is 60’s style oval (.850 – .920). Relic’d walnut finish

From the original owner: “Only modifications to note: 1) original saddles replaced with brass versions 2) treble bleed installed on the neck pickup (very subtle) and 3) bridge pickup replaced with a Fralin vintage hot 2% overwind. The original Broadcaster pickup was not wired correctly for the guitar I found out later, and I could not get assistance from Fender. Rather than wait forever, my tech put in the Fralin with the 3-wire conductor which solved the issues. Original saddles, original pickup everything the quitar came with – all in the case! I don’t have the weight of the guitar, but it is very light and easy on the shoulder – probably near 7
pounds, give or take a few ounces.
Please note from the photos that the guitar is pretty well-relic’d. Plenty of dings and blemishes.”

Message me with questions.