Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Stratocaster 1999 – Blonde

$ 4349.99


Man this one is a looker! I picked it up for my personal collection but i’d prefer a relic after playing a few of them. This one is a fantastic player and sounds even better! I went through a full tear down and cleaning along with setting it up with very low action and fresh strings. The pickups are the modern classics and sound amazing! The volume knob was moved down to the bottom i guess as it was harder to hit it and knock out some of the volume. Other than that i believe it is all original. The case is original and i have gone through and vacuumed anything out of it. It comes with the original polishing cloth. No other paperwork was given to me with this one, but i have attached pictures of all the stamps. It plays amazing although the frets do show some wear. They play perfectly fine with no buzzes but you can tell it’s been played and it could possibly use a recrowning in the next few years. You can bet the flat surface when sliding up and down the fretboard, but most players i know hardly notice it unless you’re really trying to feel for it, or you are used to perfectly rounded frets. Let me know if you have any questions!


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