Fender Custom Shop 1963 Stratocaster Relic Black (05/24)

$ 4342.12

1963 Reissue Stratocaster is in stock now !! Made in 2015.

The round rosewood fingerboard adopted from the middle of 1987, the narrow space clay dot position on the 12th floor whose specifications were changed from the middle of 1988, the change of the pickguard screw position on the upper left of the center pickup, etc. It is one that beautifully reproduces the characteristics of 1963.

A maple neck with a splendid straight eye, and a round rosewood fingerboard. Mid ’60s C-neck shape The slender neck fits comfortably in your hand and features 9.5R narrow jumbo frets for outstanding playability. The body is 2 pieces of Alder carefully selected in the custom class, weighs 3.53 kg and is relatively lightweight and well-balanced.

The pickup is equipped with a hand-wound Custom Shop 60s Single Coil Pickup by Loretta Diaz. With the attacking sound unique to round rosewood, it outputs a clear sound that is not buried even when driving. The black finish has innumerable cracks, and the tasteful relic processing that the white color of the base shows is creating a vintage-like personality.

If you are looking for the best Stratocaster, this is the one I would definitely recommend. Please take this opportunity to consider it.

Because of the relic specifications, it is difficult to judge the scratches that may have been made later, but it seems that they were handled relatively cleanly. Fret mountain is high enough to play, and more than 80% remains overall. The truss rod has room on the left and right.
The surface of the included Brown Torex hard case may be burnt due to aging.

Product rank: A: Beautiful item
Attached case: Hard case
Accessories: Arm, certificate, cloth, cable, strap
Serial number: R83636
Weight: 3.53 kg

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