Fender Coronado II with Tremolo (1966 – 1972)

$ 1875.00

Great condition! This guitar really (for its age) has aged quite well with extremely minor dings along the bodies edges, sounds wonderful and the Candy apple red nitro finish is now (due to the almost 60 years of age) has faded to a rich orange tone that is very aesthetically pleasing and accents the rosewood with mother of pearl inlay fretboard. he only issues that I can tell is the pick guard is an easily removed vinyl decal and 1 of the pickups is a Seymour Duncan pickup. With that being said This item also comes with its Original hard case, as well as a new set of Ernie Balls Super Slinky guitar strings. I hope this guitar will be as reliable and inspiring as it has been for me. Thank you for your time and consideration. Good day.