Fender Contempory Series HSS Stratocaster 1989 with Kahler Spyder Trem and Locking Nut

$ 1129.87

Although this is branded Fender USA, this is during the time manufacturing was done in Japan.   Some of the best stratocasters came out of Japan in the 1980’s. This one is a contemporary HSS model (with coil split switch) in red with black trim. Rosewood fret board, maple neck and Kahler Spyder Floyd Rose style tremolo (arm included). 

I purchased this in San Francisco in late 1989, and it has traveled with me extensively, so the case is a bit banged up, and one of the clasps is loose (pictured). Case holds together fine when closed.

There are some cosmetic scratches as you might expect from a guitar of this age. It has been professionally set up and is in great working order.

I did modify this guitar 5-6 years ago to include locking tuners, but I have reinstalled the original tuners for sale. There are visible marks left on the back of the head stock as they were not a 1-for-1 match. I am happy to include the locking tuners if you chose to reinstall these.

Price includes the original guitar hard case that’s pictured.