Fender Competition Mustang – MG-73 Reissue CIJ:

$ 2000.00

Hello Reverb!

Thanks for checking out my listing!

I am selling my Fender Competition Mustang MG-73 Crafted in Japan Reissue.

••••I’ve attached a video to this listing: Please review the video and all pictures! **I recommend setting your resolution to max.••••

This guitar looks very similar to the Competition Mustang used by Kurt Cobain in the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video.

It has an Ocean Turquoise coloration to it that’s very appealing.


-This guitar comes with Ernie Ball strap buttons (originals included.)

-This guitar has the original electronics (pots and switches.)

-This guitar has a nice, more robust string tree (comes with the original.)

-This guitar comes with the original hardware (bridge/plate/tailpiece assembly.

••••The tailpiece (cigar tube) has been flipped and hard-tailed for tuning stability, but I will also send you the original posts/springs.

-This guitar does not come with a vibrato arm.

-The neck feels great! It’s a nice, slim neck with a 7.25 inch ‘vintage-style’ radius.

Neck Pickup: Single coil Mustang pickup.

Bridge Pickup: Single coil-sized rail-style humbucker.

-This guitar has a “Q” serial number (Q094291) which I believe dates this between 2002-2004.

Noteworthy Items:

The guitar has minor chips and dings across the entirety of the body from age and use. The only ‘major’ ding is directly on the front of the guitar.

-The hardware has aged with time and has wear (as to be expected from an 20 year-old guitar.) •••See pictures and videos!

-Some fret wear primarily in the “cowboy chord” area.

-These come with the “A250” pots. I would recommend replacing these with CTS pots. I did this with my Jag-Stang and it pushed new life into it.

Additional Information:

-The fretboard is really nice, and the action is reasonably low without any excessive buzzing.

I will ship this to you in a hard case enclosure to protect the guitar in transit, but the left latch needs repair.

Other things to consider:

I always recommend taking any newly purchased guitar to your favorite luthier for a setup (or DIY) to get things how you personally like them since I live in Montana where the weather is unpredictable. I would always count on doing this when buying new or used guitars.


I am selling this item “as-is,” (no returns) so please review all information/pictures/any other applicable details or research before purchasing to make sure this suits your application!

•••Not interested in trades.

Continental US shipping-only.

Also: I communicate only through Reverb.