Fender Classic Series ’50s Telecaster® Lacquer 12-2015 – White Blond

$ 1025.00

Bought this beautiful Tele in December of 2015. I have barely played it. Its pretty much like new. The tweed case is as new. These are unavailable from Fender anymore. This is a mint guitar and case. I am buying a high end Strat and have 3 other Teles. I’d love to keep this as its a call back to an early 70’ Tele look alike I had as a kid and sold. It was really a sentimental purchase and thats why I wouldn’t bring it out to play anywhere in fear of scratching it or worse. Its a beauty. Look up the S/N @ the Fender Serial Number site and you’ll see all the details on this very guitar here. Its a beautiful white guard. It has the 50’ sound as the electronics are true to the era. Fender did a great job recreating this guitar. A custom shop would be in the 5k range for one like this.