Fender Classic Series 50s Stratocaster Eric Clapton Mod 2000s Gloss Black Poly

$ 1075.00

This is a Fender made in Mexico classic series 1950s Stratocaster in gloss black. It has all the usual suspects for those models, except the previous owner swapped out the pickups for lace sensor golds. He also messed with the pots and wiring to have the preamp and midboost a la the Blackie Strat. It’s pretty much a Blackie replica from the 90s. Think 24 nights and from the cradle. Pretty much the best tone Clapton has ever had. I’m literally only listing this because I’m broke. The longer I describe this guitar the less I want to publish this listing. Really really nice. A few scratches nothing deep. There is no cavity for the 9 V battery but it’s just kind of crammed in by the pots and seems to be doing just fine. If one day the guitar stops making noise when plugged in and you have no explanation, it’s most likely just the 9 V battery needs to be replaced. Hit me with an offer fools.