Fender Classic Player Jaguar Custom

$ 650.00

A fender classic player Jaguar modified to resemble that used by Matt Skiba in blink 182 around 2017. All electronics are disconnected except for the pickup and volume. It has its original fender enforcer hunbucker that I had a tech cover with a chrome dmarzio pickup cover. I will add the original pickguard, rythym circuit and neck pup as well if you so choose however please note the original pickguard is warped and a bit out of shape but will still fit fine onto the guitar. This goes without saying but there are quite a few dings, knicks, belt rash marks, and one fairly sized paint chip on the guitar. The guitar was professionally setup by a long time technician with 10-52 Ernie ball strings. All and all I feel this is a very good price for this guitar considering how much these have increased in price over the years. I can ship with or without a case but please note if you choose to have me ship with a case or gig bag this will be at your expense so please message me for info.