Fender Classic Player Baja ’60s Telecaster with Rosewood Fretboard 2015 – 2018 – Faded Sonic Blue

$ 650.00

Rosewood board version.

Well Used player condition when I purchased.

It had a big gouge taken out of the paint where your arm rests. I will include pics of this original state. This is fine if you are dealing with a nitro finish but the chipped up poly was uncomfortable on my arm so I used some of my wifes nail polish to smooth it out a bit. Someone with more patience than me could probably drop fill it, or leave it as is, or remove it with some nail polish remover.

The previous owner also had a b bender on here but removed before selling so there are a couple holes by rear strap pin.

The previous owner replaced the bridge with the Wilkinson Steel compensated deal. I returned it to stock but will include the Wilkinson.

I upgraded the saddles to titanium Gotoh. This is what is currently installed at the time of sale. I like them alot.

This guitar has many small scratches, little dings and the like. I have done my best to photograph them. None of the damage is super off putting to me. I would say the overall condition is closer to very good than just good but I would rather err on the side of underselling it. It is a players grade guitar not a closet collection piece.

I recently had it set up and its strung with 11’s.

Try as I have, I am just not wild about Telecasters.