Fender Black top Baritone Telecaster *AS NEW* 3/2013 – Ghost Silver

$ 999.00

Drummer bought this for his 2 floor home studio.I don’t think it was ever played after receipt. He fell ill.My lifelong friends family inherited it Were selling to raise money for Grandkids.

It is Ghost Silver,but appears gold-ish in pictures.More and better outdoor pictures when it stops raining here.Guitar is in amazing shape.All I could find is one tiny “flake” which is pictured.Its a 2X picture,so it appears bigger than it is!

Im willing to ship this anywhere.

$50 in lower 48.Anyplace else,buyer pays,all charges.If you send a complete address,I will get an estimate.

I dont do private offers or reverb sales.If you want it- buy it,or make an offer.Thanks