Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster 1994 – Ocean Turquoise

$ 2350.00

Selling this amazing guitar, I have done some modifications to it. The tone knobs have been replaced with 250K no load pots which bring out enhanced clarity when fully open. A treble bleed circuit has been installed as well to retain clarity when lowering the volume pot.

The Tremolo has been replaced with a Super Vee Blade Runner. This has added sustain and a more fine tuned control over the tremolo arm.

The original pickups have been replaced with Lambertone Triple Shots. They are based on John Mayer’s favorite 1964 vintage Strat, but with enhanced clarity and consistency. They have increased the tonal range and sustain greatly.

The guitar also recently had its frets leveled from a local luthier so they are in perfect condition as if brand new again.

The paint on this guitar is a nitro finish just like they did in the vintage guitars. The paint contains minor “swirl marks” from polishing and micro surface level scratches that you can only see at certain light angles.

There is a small ding on the front as well as some chipped paint near the heel of the neck. This occurred over time from reseating the neck and is quite common with Nitro finished guitars such as this one. There is one more small ding near the edge of the guitar by the tone knob. The last 3 photos listed show each of these.

I have linked a video below of me playing the guitar for a pedal demo video with Lambertones pickups installed.

This comes with the original tweed hard case and I will include the original pickups as well. The guitar strap buttons have been replaced with Schaller strap locks.

Feel free to make me an offer!


Weight: 7lb 13oz

Radius: 7.25

1st Fret: W: 1.66 H: 0.82

12th Fret: W: 2.00 H: 0.86

Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Color: Ocean Turquoise