Fender American Vintage ’62 Jaguar 2002 – 3-Color Sunburst

$ 2145.09

Fender Jaguar: A Revolutionary Icon from 1962

Introduced in 1962 as the fourth revolution following the Jazzmaster, the Jaguar was Fender’s last original model to pave the way for a new era of electric guitars. With its 22-fret short-scale neck and versatile preset tone controls, it became a hallmark of 60s Fender.

However, the Jaguar’s popularity waned compared to the Stratocaster and Telecaster, leading to its discontinuation in 1975.

In the late 80s, production resumed with Fender Japan, and thanks to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and the explosion of the alternative rock movement, the Jaguar was reintroduced by Fender USA in the 90s. This model from the American Vintage series is from that resurgence.

Though it arrived later than Fender Japan’s versions, the American Vintage series offers a much higher level of authenticity. The Jaguar, known for various configurations over the years, faithfully recreates features from its brief 1962 debut, including a slab rosewood fingerboard and clay dot position markers.

It already has the classic Mustang bridge modification to prevent string slippage—a nice touch. Forget the technicalities or its surf music origins; this is a guitar meant to be played with fuzz and shimmering reverb, eyes on your pedalboard.

Condition: Professionally cleaned and set up with new strings (D’Addario).

No problem with the electric systems. Neck is straight and the truss rod works with no issues. Remaining fret height is over 60 percent.

It shows signs of wear and tear, including scratches and dings.

Comes with a hard case.

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Weight: approx. 3.65kg

Serial Number: V131303


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