Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster Fullerton Plant 1981 Butterscotch Blonde

$ 4038.32

Fender American Vintage (U.S Vintage) 52 Telecaster 1981 (Fullerton Plant)

Bill Schultz and Roger Balmer (CEO and VP) decided in 1981 that they wanted to bring back the glory days of the pre-CBS era and the vintage reissue series was born.

Since its inception in 1982, the “American Vintage” series has consistently captivated players worldwide as a flagship model for Fender. Although it gained popularity as the top model in the regular lineup, production was discontinued, and its specifications and concept were succeeded by the “American Original” series.

This time, we’ve received the “Vintage 52 Telecaster,” meticulously replicated down to the finest details to match the specifications of the ’52 model. There are only “VINTAGE” markings on the body and neck, with no manufacturing year specified. The pot date is from 1981, week 31.

The American Vintage series (initially known as U.S. Vintage) typically features the manufacturing year stamped on the neck. However, between 1973 and 1981, it wasn’t customary to pencil or stamp the manufacturing period on the neck heel. This particular piece seems to be from the early batch of the “U.S. Vintage” series in 1981. (While it’s possible that the handwritten manufacturing year has faded over time, considering the pot date, the likelihood is low.) The four-digit serial plate is also likely from the Fullerton factory. The serial appears younger compared to those produced in Fullerton in 1982.

The combination of an ash body, a 1-piece maple neck with a thick U-shape grip that’s generously rounded at the edges, mirrors the authentic ’52 model. It was meticulously crafted to rival the original. The attention to detail extends to the brass bridge saddles, uniform minus screw threads, and the distinct choice of a brighter Butterscotch Blonde finish.

Instead of the typical Neck-mix-Bridge wiring found in recent specifications, this guitar features vintage wiring referred to as “preset tone”: Neck position = Neck pickup preset sound / Center position = Neck pickup / Bridge position = Bridge pickup

With its definite aesthetics and high-quality wood, featuring an intense color not commonly seen in current models, this guitar holds many mysteries but stands as a precious instrument.

While it’s challenging to definitively confirm if this is an original 1981 piece, considering the parts included, this Telecaster has an excellent blend of high frequencies that are noticeable but never harsh. The American Vintage series retains a vintage feel, and this early piece possesses a raw charm unique to reissues.

During the Fullerton era, the Vintage series was not a formal reissue like today. It aimed to revive Fender’s best guitars, returning to original specs and quality while meticulously crafting original design guitars.

The body’s deep, appropriately aged color, coupled with the maple neck, ensures excellent playability. With its matured sound, it complements the player’s desired tones exceptionally well.

The preset tone may not suit everyone, but the resonant and articulate Bridge pickup, the piercing and solid center (neck pickup), and as an extra trick, stopping the selector between the Bridge and center positions produced a sound akin to the mix position. That particular sound was also outstanding. This guitar embodies the essence of Fender excellently.

At this price point, if someone suggests buying a Custom Shop ’52 Tele, it’s a valid point. However, a ’52 Telecaster from the Fullerton era costs around 650,000 yen even overseas. Its high rarity and low production numbers contribute to its high value.

Condition: Good. Professionally cleaned and set up with new strings(D’Addario).

No problem with the electric systems. Neck is straight and the truss rod works with no issues. Frets remain over 80 percent.

There are some dents and scratches, but the overall appearance is good.

Comes with a hard case, bridge, bridge cover, and pots.

We have images that we were not able to publish. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more pictures!

Weight: approx. 3.71kg [8.17lbs]

Serial Number: 1605


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