Fender American Texas Special Stratocaster 2001

$ 1200.00

Up for sale is my silver American Strat with original Fender tweed case. I purchased this guitar circa 2002, and it was my main guitar for many years. The guitar plays great, is in excellent condition, and has never been dropped or banged around. It does have some wear, though, but still in great condition.

It does have some modifications, so it is not stock. Only two things have been updated. First, I replaced the Texas Special pickups with Rio Grande‘s: Vintage Tallboys in Neck/Middle and Muy Grande in the bridge. To me, they were a fantastic upgrade, made the guitar come alive. The two Vintage Tallboys keep things real “Stratty” and the Muy Grande really beefs up the bridge. It’s still a Strat sound for sure, but it’s thick and darker (of course) than the stock pickups. Importantly, the bridge/middle position still has a good amount of that sound you want from a Strat, which was very important to me.

As you can see in the photos, I still have the stock Texas Special pickups and those will be included.

The other modification is the wiring harness. Unfortunately, I don’t know the specs for the pots, but they were upgraded. The big difference is the middle selection of the 5-way switch combines the neck and bridge pickups instead of the middle pickups only. So you get sort of a Tele vibe in that position.

Other than those two modifications, everything else is stock. You can see the serial number in the pics, but here it is in case you want to look it up: Z104747.

And here is Fender’s support page explaining the serial numbers for different years: .