Fender American Series Stratocaster with Rosewood Fretboard 2000 – 3-Color Sunburst

$ 800.00

Is there ever a bad time to add another strat to the collection? Not if you ask me. Featuring a rosewood board, 2-point trem, and a lot of cosmetic wear and tear this guitar is begging to jammed on. I love a nicely worn guitar, and this is no exception. There’s something about a truly aged guitar even after only 23 years that the builders just can’t quite recreate in my opinion. It gives character. Condition wise you can see it’s definitely worn cosmetically. But that’s pretty much the extent of it, frets show some wear but nothing bad that a crown and polish wouldn‘t fix. The trem is blocked off and there’s no arm so that’s something to note. The biggest issue is something with the wiring is my guess. The one owner added a killswitch, that just kills it but I’m assuming it wasnt done completely right and now it doesn’t always have full sound coming through. I’m not much of an electronics guy but my guess is a loose connection or something. Apart from that, it plays fine but of course will need a set up to your specs as well as some new strings. Comes in a TKL tweed case that does indeed smell like cigs. Thanks for looking!