Fender American Professional Stratocaster with Roasted Maple Neck (Rosewood board) 2019 – Surf Green

$ 1325.00

This is an absolutely astonishing guitar. 2019 American Professional Strat ltd edition roasted maple neck with a DARK rosewood board. Custom shop 69 pickups!!! I’ve played at least 10-12 sets of boutique strat pickups claiming to be the best and these are so much better. Bell-like cleans and the best tone for fuzz pedals you’ve ever heard.

This one is about as close to mint as possible but there is a tiny bit of buckle rash just above the trem cover on the back. I always try to give every single possible detail when listing a guitar because nothing is worse than surprises after you’ve meticulously settled on a certain guitar only to find it’s got hidden issues. I love relic guitars and describe them carefully too, but if you’re looking for a clean strat that’s almost like new with the tiniest bit of rash on the back this is for you. Looks basically new otherwise. One of the most balanced and ergonomic guitars I’ve ever owned.

Includes original fancy black Fender flight style case with the little black Fender zipper pouch with all case candy. Trem isn’t pictured but it IS included along with all docs and candy. Keys included.
Save almost a thousand $ off of new price here.

Like all my listings it’s sold as is so ask all questions before buying; I’m just a player not a shop so this is me selling one of my babies rather than just another product. This one will satisfy all your Strat desires without question.

Thanks for looking!