Fender American Original ’50s Telecaster

$ 1952.25

The much loved Fender Telecaster, the original workhorse guitar – reliable, functional, charismatic. Capturing the very soul of a ’52 model, this guitar takes the best of the Tele’s early incarnation, and adds a few modern updates – the best of both worlds? We certainly think so.

Allowing its true tonal characteristics to ring out, the solid, sturdy, and typically comfortable Ash body features a classic Butterscotch Blonde finish in period correct gloss Nitrocellulose – something which will also allow age and wear to create a distinctively personal guitar. The Thick “U” shaped Maple neck profile is every bit as precise and comfortable as was originally intended, while the 6105 style Tall Vintage frets and a 9.5” radius not only make this American Original Tele feel pleasantly familiar, but also extremely playable.

The classic Tele spank is in full force here with period correct Fender tone being provided by two Pure Vintage ‘52 single-coil Telecaster pickups – within which enamel coated coil wire, cloth covered output wire, fibre bobbins and Alnico V magnets, ensure that the 1950s vibe of these these authentically voiced pickups is much more than just skin deep. Likewise, from the machine heads to jack socket, every piece of hardware stays true to the original.


  • Ash body with lacquer finish
  • Two Pure Vintage ‘52 single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • Thick “U” shaped neck profile; 9.5” radius fingerboard
  • Vintage-style hardware; Telecaster bridge with three steel saddles
  • Includes vintage-style hardshell case