Fender American Dan Smith, 2-knob Stratocaster – Sienna Sunburst with Maple Fretboard 1983 – 1984

$ 1800.00

It hurts to let this one go. Wanted a vintage Strat and convinced myself that my birth year was ‘vintage enough’, mostly because you have to be rich to afford something from pre-1980s these days. But, I have too many Strats, and once I go vintage, I’m going 60s or going home.

Anyway, this thing is in beautiful condition. It sits right in between something that was lost in a closet for forty years and a guitar that came out a handful of times every other year but was probably never gigged. I never gigged it because I was worried I’d ruin it and it doesn’t quite work for the type of music I’d perform without modifying it.

As far as I know, it’s original except for the electronics. The pick-ups I got with it were garbage. They look like they could be original but don’t have any markings. So, I replaced them with a Fender Standard Stratocaster set from a 90s Strat I had laying around. The switch, pots, and jack were all starting to get a bit rusty and dusty, so I upgraded those too. Sorry if you’re somebody who thinks there is magic in those parts. I can tell you it is highly unlikely you would prefer the BEFORE sounds to the AFTER ones, but who can say.

Some of these other 80s Strats people post look like the fretboard is raw or completely untouched by light. This thing has aged like a piece of furniture, getting that deeper and darker hue. The body has no real blemishes to speak of, but you can tell it was taken out and played from time to time. By that, I mean that it has those pick scratch-type marks on it- nothing deep enough to see or feel without getting in super close with bright light. It doesn’t look like anything showed up in my pictures. It’s exactly what I was looking for- it feels 30-40 years old but it looks almost brand new.

If you haven’t tried one of the 2-knob Strats, pick this one up. It feels like a Strat but without that useless extra knob and without the need to thread strings through the back of a trem block… Don’t be scared of this vibrato system. It’s a million times more intuitive than the standard one when it comes to re-stringing, AND the arm just pops right in. Way better than screwing it in to that not-quite-right tension you always get with the standard arm.

I can’t find the case it was shipped in- an old fender HSC. So, I’ll ship this in a modern Fender HSC that’s seen almost no use at all.

Happy to answer questions, take more pictures, talk about throwing in those old pick-ups, or hunting down the old parts I swapped out if I have them.

I’m not in a rush to sell this and I hate haggling. I’ll be keeping an eye on the market and prefer not to have my time wasted on low-ball offers. I’m not flipping this for a profit, but I’m not going to be taken advantage of either.