Fender Aluminum Telecaster 1990’s – Polished raw Aluminum

$ 1200.00

This is an aluminum-bodied Telecaster built by Spruce Hill Guitars, the manufacturer of the bodies for the Fender aluminum bodied Strats and Teles, most of which were anodized, painted or plated by another contractor for Fender.

Spruce Hill Guitars also built up some guitars on their own, and this is an example of a Spruce Hill guitar, built up from parts of their own choosing. Most of the Fender-built guitars were built in 1994, the vast majority being Strats of various types. Teles, by best estimates made up less than 10% of total aluminum body production. Total production is not exactly known, but best estimates seem to range in the 500-800 range.

What I like about this guitar is that it is raw, unplated polished aluminum. I like the look, and the fact that essentially, there is no finish, so if you wanted it to look brand new, you could just take it to a good plating shop and have the body buffed back to its original sheen, or you could have it engraved or do whatever you wanted with it for a custom look. These come with a “swimming pool rout” opening under the pickguard with threaded inserts to accept all US American Standard Telecaster parts and necks, so you can really easily customise this guitar with whatever pickup configuration you might want to experiment with by just changing the pickguard, no routing required! To complete the cool Telecaster look, there is some knurling on the edge to decorate like binding that i have never seen on a Fender model, that kinda shimmers in the right light( just like Keef’s!) Really looks cool.

If you were to ask me what pickups are in this, I have no idea other than these were the pickups supplied by Spruce Hill. The maple/ebony neck is purported to have been manufactured in Canada somewhere, and the tuners appear to be Gotoh Schaller copies.

As for the condition, it shows no fret wear at all on the neck, and a mild patina of strumwear on the body and metal pickguard, indicating that it was mostly played with another neck. The neck that is on this guitar is an 1 11/16 Gibson style neck width, and I would describe it as a shallow C contour. The scale length is a full-scale, Fender scale length. There is a small ding near the output jack as pictured.

This guitar will come well packed and shipped with a high quality gig bag.