Fender 50th Anniversary American Series Stratocaster with Case 54 custom shop pickups

$ 1030.00

Used 2004 Fender Stratocaster 50th Anniversary Edition. This is a limited version but regretfully I don’t have the limited edition case but the case in the picture would be included. The overall condition is good with some small dings as shown in the pictures. It is my collected guitar. Everything original (back plate would be included, I took it off for setting up), it has custom shop 54 pickups according to the factory spec and it is the only American fender standard strat has single poly pickguard, that I think it is a special run to tribute 50s strat. The finish of the neck is getting aged and causing some black inlay dots become partially yellow.  For more detail please check “fuzzfaced” website or google the spec of this guitar.