Fender 50’s Road Worn Stratocaster 2008

$ 999.00

Are you after that authentic, vintage guitar feel without the vintage guitar problems? Meet the Fender Road Worn ’50s Stratocaster. This isn’t just some shiny, off-the-shelf axe; it’s designed to look and feel like it’s been your go-to guitar for years. Born from ’50s specs, it’s got the classic nitrocellulose-lacquer finish that ages gracefully, coupled with a maple fingerboard that just feels like home.

This thing looks like it has seen years on the road, showing off a worn-in look without losing its playability or sound. But don’t let its worn exterior fool you—under the hood, it’s packed with modern features for today’s musician. The Tex-Mex pickups give you a versatile range of tones from clean to gritty, perfect for any gig or studio session. Plus, the 6105 frets offer a smooth playing experience that makes those bends and fast licks easier than ever.

So, if you want a guitar that’s got character, comfort, and a touch of modern versatility, the Road Worn ’50s Stratocaster is your kind of instrument. Comes with soft case, cash only.