CMCH Ultralight 50s Custom Telecaster Relic ala Fender Shop Danocaster Nash 1957

$ 2725.00
50 HD pictures in the description**  

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Ocean Turquoise 60’s maple-cap Strat build pictured alongside this guitar is
also for sale in a separate listing – VENMO accepted**


completed 50’s Whiteguard Telecaster the vein of a 1954-1956 model. This
instrument is an absolute 
featherweight at 5.14 lbs. Painstakingly aged with
realistic heavy play wear and tremendous attention to detail, this tele is not
for the faint of heart and indeed looks and feels over 60 years old. A great
deal of man-hours were put into crafting this instrument. It sounds quintessentially
“Tele” and feels like an old friend. Notes bloom and compress like a real old
tried-and-true tele due its aforementioned featherweight nature. It resonates
like an old mellowed out tele should with lots of “woody” overtones. This
guitar will indeed fool a lot of people and could easily pass for Keef’s “Micawber’s” whiteguard brother (or sister). Leave your real-deal vintage Tele safe
and sound its case and take this one to the stage. You won’t be disappointed.
Please do compare this guitar to all of the other mass-produced “relics” of the
world…which would you choose? It looks and feels the part and begs to be
played. You’d be hard pressed to find another guitar that looks and feels this
realistic without paying over $30K. I aimed to capture the vibe of a guitar
that was played hard and lovingly over the decades and put away soaking wet.
That being said, this guitar is its own beast in terms of looks, feel, and
playability. It’d be hard to believe this guitar is not the real deal when
looking at it – or even holding it in your hands, for that matter. It feels
like a dream and old friend. It resonates like an old guitar should with that
“bell-like” tone. It plays well with low action that rings out up and down the
board and is ready for the stage and/or studio. 
Remember, not all
“relics” are created equal!
spray bombs were used in the creation of this Telecaster.

are as follows:

-Ultra super-duper light, dried out old Southern Swamp Ash body (reclaimed).

 -Aged translucent mid-50’s
era Blonde finish (with the “blonde burst/halo” effect) in period correct
hand-mixed nitrocellulose lacquer.

-One piece, early 50’s medium
“C” -shaped neck with a 9.5 radius, fresh Jescar medium frets—a little over 1
5/8ths at the nut; approximately .83 inches at 1st fret and .94 at 12th)—with
that well-loved, broken-in feel.

-Hand cut unbleached and perfectly crowned bone nut (from raw bone) for
enhanced open-string harmonics

 -100% Nitrocellulose
Lacquer finish on both body and neck (no plasticizer – this is as CLOSE as you
can get to the old school stuff the Fender used back in the day).

-Expertly aged period-correct
nickel and chrome (where necessary) hardware throughout.

-Weighs in at a very lean ‘n’ light
5.14 lbs. and resonates like a piano unplugged (plays with great action up and
down the board).

-CM custom wound Alnico 3 wax potted 50’s Tele
spec bridge for a little extra punch when needed (6.8k bridge) and CM custom
wound PAF Alnico 5 in the neck (8.1k)

– Kinman treble bleed mod—3 way
CRL switch, 500k volume with a 470k resistor that converts volume pot to 250k
when using the bridge alone, and back to 500k when using the neck pickup alone
(splits the difference in position 2), CTS pots, .022 “Russian greenie”
capacitor – cloth wire throughout (or braid where applicable–ie, PAF humbucker

-Brown thermometer case with
gold plush interior IS included as pictured.

-About 1/4th of the price of a
Masterbuilt “Relic” Custom shop—and will rival it in terms of looks, feel,
tone, and playability (if it said “Danocaster” on the headstock it’d more than
double the price).

 -Built lovingly and
proudly in Queens, NYC.

guitar is quite resonant and feels 60 years old. You won’t find another custom
build with more realistic neck play wear anywhere, short of it being a real
50’s tele, that is. I can guarantee. There are a lot of “relic” aka
“partscaster” boutique builders out there today. Some, in my opinion are a far
cry of what an old guitar looks like (yet they still retail for more than my
asking price) while others a lot more accurate with realistic wear. We have
Nash, MJT, Danocaster (awesome!), Hess (top notch!), Nachocaster (the true
Telecaster historian!). Everyone has their own interpretation and “artistic”
rendition of what a “vintage” guitar should look like. This is merely my
interpretation. In the end, we are all just building “partscasters”—that’s the
way Leo Fender intended it! That being said, this is not a “thrown together”
Frankenstein guitar with crappy parts with nonsensical play wear. It was
methodically crafted with the pro player in mind. It comes set-up with leveled
and dressed frets and ready to play. And it undoubtedly looks the part. This is
a labor of love and something I do in my down-time, but is indeed
labor-intensive. Please keep that in mind before making a lowball offer. This
guitar did not build (cut, route, sand, prep, paint, clear coat, wet-sand,
wire, cut nut, do fretwork, age) itself! I have a long list of references that
includes a few famous guitarists. Please let the photos speak for themselves as
I stand by my work.


 Feel free to message me with
questions or for extra photos. If you would like to see the guitar in person,
or just wanna shoot the shiz about guitars, OR send me hate mail, please
message or call Chris 516-551-2487.   




 I also recently made an
Instagram account to document some of my builds and restoration work. Please
search for CM Custom Historics. Buy it cheaper direct from me on


guitar is for sale locally and on other platforms as well (social media, ebay,
craigslist, reverb, etc and I
reserve the right to end listing at anytime – when she’s gone,
she’s gone – don’t sleep on it!) 


note: playing styles vary greatly. Some adjusting might be necessary to fully
accommodate your personal playing style and tastes (i.e. adjusting saddles and
or truss rods over time). Guitars are also very sensitive instruments and are
easily effected by climate changes—even one day to the next! No warranties are
expressed or implied in that sense – especially, say, 3 months from now.
Guitars technically should be setup at least 3-times per year. That being said,
all final adjustments and setups on my builds are done through an amplifier,
not acoustically (which is how preliminary setups are conducted). I typically
setup my guitars to my preference (medium action) and the necks on my builds
are always straight. Please understand that an individual guitars setup is a
personal preference. If you don’t have the capability of setting up guitars
yourself, its very wise to take the guitar to a local tech you’re comfortable
with to do a setup to your liking and who is familiar with your preferences. I do not accept returns if you do not like
how the guitar plays out of the box.



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