Classic ’69 TL-69 Telecaster Pink Paisley w/ Roasted Maple Stainless Steel Frets Solderless Wire

$ 1199.00
  • Custom built   1969 Fender Pink Paisley TL-69. 
  • Fender licenced All  Parts Body .
  • Seymour Duncan “La Brea” Brad Paisley matched pick up set.
  • Soderless   wiring harness from Mojo Tone!
  • Do you like to experiment with different pickups? Do soldering irons freak you out? If so, you’ll love this solderless wiring harness from Mojo Tone. It’s your ticket to fast and easy pickup swaps. And we do mean easy — you can do it with a simple push and release of a button. And it employs handwired, point-to-point wiring and vintage-quality components from Switchcraft, Mojo Tone, CRL, and CTS, so the sound is top notch. Beyond that, it’s a breeze to install, and a detailed wiring diagram and instructions are included. Upgrade your pickups the easy way with this 
  • Warmouth Fender Licensed Roasted Maple Vintage Telecastet
  • Stainless Steel  Dunlap frets
  • Abalone inlays  
  • Graph Tech TUSQ XL

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  • Fender 6 Sadle Bridge
  • Fender Strap Locks
  • Fender Vintage Chicken Head  Knobs
  • Fender gig bag.