Big River/Fender Telecaster*Butterscotch Nitro Relic*Fralin Steel Pole 42(N) & Fralin Vintage Hot +5%(B)

$ 1049.00

Big River “Moses” T – Style

7lbs. 5oz.

Up for sale is a brand newer Big River “Moses“ T – Style guitar. The body is made from Alder and was prepped; sanded, pore filled and sealed. It was then given 12 coats of our custom Butterscotch Nitro and was left to do its thing. When it was ready it was wet sanded, buffed and relic’d. The checking throughout this tele is really turned out great, it’s awesome! For the bridge I went with a Gotoh ”In Tune“ Ashtray Bridge with compensated brass saddles, which was aged in house, along with the rest of all of the hardware.

The neck is roasted maple with a rosewood fingerboard. It has a 9.5” radius, 22 medium jumbo frets that have rounded and hidden ends, a medium C shape which is a little more substantial than Fenders slim C, a bone nut and i used a set of hipshot locking tuners that I aged to match the rest of the build along with a Callaham string tree. This neck was finished with several coats of thin lacquer and then buffed out to a super smooth satin finish.

Under the aged vintage white pickguard I built a vintage style harness with all premium components consisting of an Oak 3way switch, 250k CTS pots, a .047 Mullard Tropical Fish Cap, a John Suhr treble bleed, a Puretone 4 prong input jack for extra durability, and Gavitt cloth pushback wire throughout.

The pickups for this one are so incredibly good. In the neck, the Fralin Steel Pole 42. Here is what they had to say…

”Steel Pole 42 Tele pickups are an exciting blend of a P90 and a traditional Tele pickup. Thicken up your Telecaster’s tone with a snarly and warm midrange and a stiffer, percussive treble. Hand-built with USA-Made Steel Pole Pieces, Ceramic Magnets, and a low-output wind, we guarantee the unique tone produced by this set will inspire you.

Featuring a thicker and warmer tone than our Stock Teles, you’ll be impressed by the unique pick attack and versatile nature of this set. Hand-built with Steel Pole Pieces and Ceramic Magnets, Steel Pole 42s feature a stiffer top-end and midrange snarl. If you play with distortion, you can expect a faster break up and a “chainsaw” grind.

Perfectly fusing the clarity and dynamics of a Tele pickup and the midrange aggression and bark of a P90, we’re sure that this is one of the most versatile and unique-sounding pickups on the market today.”

Then in the bridge a Fralin Vintage Hot 5% overwound.

“experience the ultimate in clarity and articulation with our era-authentic Fralin Vintage Hot Tele set. Warm, clear lows paired with brilliant highs, our Vintage Hot Tele set will inspire you with all the twang you desire. Built with all USA-Made parts, you can take pride in knowing we made every aspect of your pickups with the highest-quality materials possible.”

Anyway, this tele is killer, looks and feels like it’s been gigged hard and put away wet. It’s an absolute tone machine.

***Check out the Youtube Demo of these pickups down below***