2021 Fender Custom Shop ’72 Telecaster Deluxe Journeyman Relic CuNiFe Wide Ranges!

$ 3100.00

Purchased new from Cream City Music in December but I just found a Danocaster Jazzmaster so now I can turn my Jazzmaster into the Jazzblaster I’ve been wanting forever.

Journeyman Relic in Olympic White – checking throughout the body, some fretboard relicing – but no marks or wear have been added. 

Nice medium sized neck – .84 at the first fret on the build sheet, 6105 frets, 9.5″ radius.

The only change over stock is that I had Tone Shop Guitars in Addison, TX swap out Fender’s 250k volume pots for 1 Meg (as vintage Deluxes had). The 250k volume might make sense for the American Original ’70s Custom but it was a dumb decision for the Deluxe.

Weight is 7 pounds, 7.2 ounces on my postal scale – it’s been accurate enough for postage but figure it could vary an ounce or two in either direction.