2020 Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Artist Series Signature Stratocaster with Maple Fretboard 2007 – Present – Vintage White

$ 2099.00

This is a minty 2020 YJM Stratocaster, bought new by me from Sweetwater at the time. It hasn’t been played much, hasn’t been out of the house other than to a tech once for setup. It’s always been stored in the case with a spell of protection cast around it to guard against both mischievous spirits and household mishaps.

There’s a video attached here of me playing it in 2022. Additionally, on my YouTube channel (youtube.com/@OldGuitarMan), there are multiple other videos from 2022 and 2021 with this guitar in it. Note that it looks very “yellow” in my videos due to the color and contrast settings enhancing it. In the real, non-video world, it looks just like any other YJM model — except, ya know, maybe a little bit more magical.

The setup was done with Ernie Ball 9.5 gauge strings. A pack of those and a pack of Fender YJM .008s will be in the case with the sale. As well, everything that came new in the case is still present and included here. I have used the included YJM leopard strap with the strap locks, but I can assure any potential buyer that I was steadfast in my attention to shoulder hygiene when doing so.

As far as blemishes go, there’s a small headstock bump that can be seen in the pictures circled in red. Other than that, maybe some light scratches on the pickguard and one light scratch on the body behind the pickguard. They don’t really show up in pictures. They may show up in dreams.

I should note that this model suffers from the common and known issue of the high and low E strings being close to the fretboard edges. It affects some players more than others. I’d considered replacing the bridge and maybe even the nut at one point to help this, but eventually found I could adjust to playing it as it is.

So everything here is still stock from the factory, unlike me. I’ve had some replacement parts installed since 1969. But this guitar is still young and healthy.