1999 Fender Classic 70s Series Stratocaster in Olympic White

$ 579.00

This is a 1999 Fender Classic Series 70s Stratocaster in Olympic White.  This is Made in Mexico.  In keeping with Strats of the 70s, it has a heavy ash body and a U shaped neck.  It’s in great shape for a 23 year old guitar, but please take a close look at the photos.  Of particular note are some small neck dents, a larger dime sized mark on the body edge, and some finish discoloration around the tuners and string trees.  Also please note the low E tuner, while perfectly functioning with no discernable problems, has a shorter tuner arm and appears to be mounted slightly inward compared to the other tuners.  It is also missing the back plate and the trem arm.  Just cleaned and restrung with Ernie Ball 10s, it plays great.  All electronics working perfectly.   No case or bag included.  This guitar weighs 9.05lbs.