1997 Fender Japan ’62 Vintage Reissue ST62-70TX Stratocaster Rebel Yellow Texas Special Pickups

$ 1299.00

Unveiling the 1997 Fender Japan ’62 Vintage Reissue ST62-70TX Stratocaster in the striking Rebel Yellow finish, accompanied by a sturdy gig-bag. This limited series of Stratocasters features a standout characteristic – factory-installed Texas Special pickups, proudly crafted in the USA. Elevating these made-in-Japan guitars with an infusion of American excellence, these pickups add a distinctive touch to the guitar’s tonal palette.

While this guitar has witnessed some play, its overall condition remains excellent, ensuring flawless functionality. You may notice some light scratches and a few small dings, contributing to a solid 8 out of 10 rating. Every element of the guitar is original, and it’s free from cracks, repairs, or any issues. The neck is straight, and the original frets exhibit excellent condition with no discernible wear. A recent setup guarantees optimal playability, devoid of buzzing or dead spots.

The provided detailed photos showcase the actual guitar for sale, giving you a comprehensive look at its unique Rebel Yellow finish. Seize the opportunity to own this distinctive and top-tier Fender Japan ’62 Vintage Reissue ST62-70TX Stratocaster, with the added allure of USA-made Texas Special pickups. Your musical journey awaits, and this guitar is ready to make a statement. Thank you for considering this exceptional instrument.

  • Serial Number: O091212
  • Nut Width: 1.66″
  • 1st Fret: 0.80″
  • 12th Fret: 0.92″
  • Neck Type: C Shape
  • Finger Board: Rosewood
  • Pickups: USA Texas Special
  • Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz

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