1993 Fender Strat Plus (USA) Maple Fretboard, Black Pearl Burst with case

$ 1950.00

For sale is a well-cared for used USA-made 1993 Fender Strat
Plus guitar with tremolo system and original molded guitar case.

 I am the original owner and have taken really good care of
this guitar! I’ve included pictures from every angle, so you can see its beautiful
condition. The finish is still quite shiny, so there are some reflections that
I couldn’t get around when photographing it.

 Guitar Condition:

  • This guitar is in excellent cosmetic and working condition.
  • The body finish is in great shape with no dings,
    chipping, etc. (except the minor scratch noted below). This guitar is very

    • There is one small scratch in the
      finish on the side of the guitar body (low E side – the edge that is up when
      you are playing it). It is not very noticeable and is only on the finish
      – it does not go down to the wood. I have included a picture that shows this


Guitar Details:

  • Model: Fender Strat Plus
  • Color: Black Pearl Burst (color #91)
  • Neck: Maple
  • Year: 1993
  • Made in USA
  • Features:
    • American Standard tremolo ( arm and
    • roller nut
    • locking keys
    • 3 Gold Fender-Lace pickups

 Also Included:

  • Guitar Case: original hard (molded) locking guitar case with

    • The case is very sturdy and in very
      good condition. It does have some usage scuffing. The integrity of the case is
      not affected – the scuffing is cosmetic – just dotted areas of discoloration
      where some black has worn off. It is only noticeable close up (I’ve included a
      picture of a scuffed area).
  • 2 allen keys for adjustments


Note that, as with any instrument, you may need to set up/adjust
the guitar for your playing style and preferences.

I have also included pictures of how the guitar has been packed. The case is padded in such a way that it does not directly touch any side of the box, so it is well-protected from any impact during shipping. The box is also very sturdy (it is one of Reverb’s instrument boxes). Note that the accessories (tremolo, key, etc.) is packed in bubble wrap in the guitar case’s accessory cavity underneath where the guitar neck rests.