1993 Fender Custom Shop Tree of Life Shultz-O-Caster #003 of 29

$ 23995.00

What an exceptional guitar this is!

Just in on Consignment is this beautiful 1993 Fender Custom Shop Tree of life guitar.As you can see on the COA this Instrument was built in the end of 1992 And sold as a 1993 model. These guitars are also known as the Shultz-O-Caster. This Guitar weighs 8.6lbs

This is Serial number #003 and most likely the earliest number to be sold. The original owner bought it and took care of it for years. The Bridge pickups failed shortly after He had purcahsed the Guitar and was replace under Warranty by Fender and the Store he purchased the guitar from.

The original Pickup is included with the sale .

The body is in amazing shape with no signs of wear at all. As you can see the Quilted Maple is amazing looking.

The pickups and electronics are all original minus the previously mentioned warranty replaced bridge pickup.

The Birds eye maple neck is very smooth and the guitar just received a light fret level and polish along with setup to get this guitar in perfect playing condition.

The inlay on the fingerboard is also in pristine condition .

This guitar is an all around amazing looking, playing, and sounding instrument and will make its next owner very happy.

We will ship it in it’s original case with all Candy and paperwork as pictured.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions you may have or pictures you need

A little history on the Tree of Life / SHultz-O-Caster

In 1993, Fender’s Board Chairman and CEO William “Bill” Schulz challenged the Fender Custom Shop to design and build a limited edition, investment-grade Stratocaster that would exemplify the innovation, creativity, craftsmanship and high-quality capabilities of that recently founded facility.  Only 29 of these instruments were made and they were to be used by Fender salesmen and distributors as Custom Shop samples. 

The resulting design, created by Master Builder J.W. Black, far exceeded Bill Schultz’s expectations and quickly set the standard for Custom Shop offerings.  When finally made available for sale, these 29 collector-grade instruments immediately disappeared from the marketplace.

 This series was very ground-breaking for Fender. This is the first Custom Shop guitar to feature a one-piece of figured maple body in addition to a wonderful-looking chocolate sunburst finish and a vine inlay on the fretboard. This guitar is an amazing example of early Fender Custom Shop history and is definitely an investment-grade instrument.

Although the original name reflected its inlaid fingerboard design, this model became better known as the “Schultz-O-Caster” or  “Schultzcaster” in honor of the man who most people credit with saving the iconic Fender brand from near demise under CBS and who had commissioned it’s creation.