1992 Fender Japan ST57-650 ’57 Reissue Vintage Stratocaster (Candy Apple Red)

$ 610.24

Made by the Fujigen factory in 1992, this ST57 model was a mid-high end catalog model ’57 reissue from Fender Japan that’s seen a lot over it’s 30 years.

Alder body with a maple neck shaped with the classic ’57 slim C neck profile (7.25″ radius, 43mm nut, 648mm scale length), it weighs 3.4kg’s. Loaded with the original Fender USA ST-VINTAGE single coils, vintage style tuners and Fender stamped saddles. 

This one sold in one of our thrift shop auctions but was never paid for, so we took it to the workshop and gave it a basic setup/service to get it playing well. The frets have some wear and light pitting but are polished and play smoothly, the truss adjusts as it should and the neck is straight. The electronics were flushed and sound great and the bridge and saddles were lubricated so they all function as they should. It’s covered in stickers on the back and slashes on the front as pictured but structurally it’s perfect.