1987 Fender Stratocaster Plus Custom Color Charcoal Frost guitar with Strat Plus Hard Case [$100 Off for Limited Time Only]

$ 2199.00

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Up for sale is this beautiful 1987 Fender Stratocaster Plus Custom Charcoal Frost finish.

An early job for the Custom Shop was to build a yellow vintage reissue Strat for Jeff Beck. At this stage Beck vetoed Fender’s wish to produce a Jeff Beck signature edition strat, and the design intended for that purpose evolved into the Strat Plus. A Jeff Beck Signature Strat not dissimilar to the Plus finally appeared in 1991. The Strat Plus adopted a roller nut and locking tuners, fashionable features designed to improve vibrato performance. It was also the first Fender with new Lace Sensor pickups. Don Lace, an expert in magnetics, had tried to interest Fender in his designs before the CBS sale, and discussions reopened afterwards. Fender wanted to continue in the direction started with the Elite pickups, aiming for an ideal of low noise and low magnetic attraction, while still delivering the classic single-coil sound. The result was Lace Sensor pickups.


* Maple Neck

* Sperzel Trim-Lok Locking Tuners

* Wilkinson Roller Nut

* 9.5 Radius Neck

* S-S-S Configuration

* Pickups : Lace Sensor pickups
* Smooth Low Action 

* Strat Plus Hard Case included

* Sold AS-IS

* Due to effect of the lighting and the computer monitor displays, it is likely that some colors may vary slightly from the actual products.
* Sold As Is
* Being the fact that it’s in USED condition. The item may have some signs of wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.
* International buyer please contact us!

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