1965 Fender Duo-Sonic II refin dakota red

$ 3056.72

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, Made in USA, including original grey hardcase with black ends and orange interior, the Duo Sonic II with rosewood neck was possible to order with the 22 fret/24″ neck like this one or. with a shorter 21 fret/22 1/2″ neck, the serial on the neck plate is a 1963 number so probably not original to the guitar (or used from an old parts bin at the factory?), neck stamped 8APR65A (the A-size means 1 1/2″ nut width, slightly narrower than the B neck which is 1 5/8″), professionally refinished in a very vintage correct dakota red color, a sticker on the case says that the guitar was originally sold at Arthur´s Music Store 931 Shelby Street Indianapolis, Indiana, gold logo with 2 patent numbers underneatch, single string tree, rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots, correct double line Kluson Deluxe tuners with oval white tips, replaced pots from 2003, original bridge including the era correct threaded saddles, original frets with some wear, both original grey bottom pickups are dated 5-12-65 and signed LA, all the brass shielding plates in the cavities are still intact and were never taken out before finishing, both slider switches have been replaced, more info: Second version (19591964) In 1959 the Duo-Sonic went through a face lift. The most significant change was a switch from a maple fingerboard to a rosewood one in keeping with changes to other Fender models at this time. These fretboards were originally in the slab-style but switched to the veneer style after approximately a year. The other significant change was a switch from anodized aluminum to plastic pickguards. Third version Duo-Sonic II (19641968) In 1964 the Duo-Sonic was redesigned based on the Fender Mustang that had recently been added to the student model line but without the vibrato tail-piece. The student guitars now all featured larger and slightly offset bodies, necks with larger headstocks and rosewood fingerboards and plastic pickguards with the volume and tone controls mounted on a separate metal plate. Pickup selection was moved above the pickups on both the Duo-Sonic and the Mustang and utilized two 3-position on-off-on switches that allowed for in and out-of-phase sounds. The pickups were also reverse-wound/reverse-polarity, which made them into a functional humbucker when both pickups were used simultaneously. Also added in this redesign was the option of a 24-inch scale neck in addition to the 22.5 inch scale. This re-designed model was renamed Duo-Sonic II although decals with and without the II designation were used occasionally. In addition to white, Daphne Blue and Dakota Red colors were added. The Duo-Sonic lasted until 1969 when it was dropped most likely because the Mustang with its tremolo tail piece was far more popular. The Duo-Sonic I and II are both considered rare and have displayed growing collector value. The Duo-Sonic II in particular is often seen as a desirable alternative to the more popular Mustang, since it lacks the difficult-to-maintain tremolo bridge.