1963 Fender Stratocaster Sonic Blue Refin

$ 23041.19

We are proud to present this excellent example of a 1963 Fender Stratocaster, featuring all the most important bits and pieces!

This instrument was purchased brand new in 1964 on Russell Street right here in Melbourne, and has stayed within the same family ever since. Judging by what can be seen poking out from under the refin, as well as information from the owner, it was most likely finished in sonic blue making this originally a custom colour model. We believe the back of the neck appears to have had finish overspray at some point, leaving some odd patches of finish around the tuning machines. The front of the headstock looks untouched in comparison. The current finish could best be described as quite a faded sea foam green, but was originally done in either a sonic blue or Daphne blue which has changed in colour over time. The refinish was done by Cargill Custom Guitars sometime in the 1970s. 

Outside of a re-fret with larger frets than what would have otherwise come originally on the guitar, this example is all original and present. Hardware and electronics are original and fully functioning with exception of a scratchy, slightly intermittent volume control.

Included is its original Australian-made Stamford case which holds up and is still fully functional.

Important notes:

  • Backplate – L23645 – L Series serial number.
  • Pots – Stackpole pots dated to the 3rd week of 1964
  • Switch – Original 3-way, slightly stiff. 
  • Pickups – Black bobbins. *grey bobbins were introduced around May of ’64, and still there exists plenty of overlap due to the manufacturing process.
  • Neck stamp – 2 DEC 63 B – December 1963 with a B neck. 
  • Decal – clean with 3 patent numbers

With exception of the pot codes, all other present features indicate a 1963 model.

Playing/tone impressions:

The classic early ’60s Stratocaster sound is here in spades! Plenty of authority and snap from the neck pickup, with that classic throaty sound you’d expect. When placed into the out-of-phase position, this example chimes beautifully and has superb note clarity and balance. The middle and bridge pickups have plenty of mid-range bite and superb clarity throughout. Bell-like tones abound with this particular example. 

Classic C-shape neck profile for the time, with a B marking on the neck heel. Fits the hand nicely, and is so much fun to play! 

Overall an incredible, one owner piece of Pre-CBS Fender history with tasteful, historical modifications making it an incredible instrument for players or collectors alike. 

Please feel free to peruse our 20 image gallery of this wonderful instrument, as well as our video demo found at the end of the gallery image list.

Other detailed images are available upon request.