Left Handed ESP Horizon E-2 M2 2017 Metallic Gray

$ 1495.00


Hello! I posted this guitar a couple months back. Had a hard time getting rid of it. Hope I can answer everything possible in the description.

-Left Handed ESP Horizon E-2 M2

-Japanese Build

-Floyd Rose (Floating bridge) can be blocked

-Bought brand new in 2017

-Color is Metallic Gray although there’s a noticeable purple tint to in the sunlight/in person, to me, others have stated otherwise. Very hard to notice.

-2 EMG 606

-3 way selector

-Volume knob only (No tone knob)


-Split Maple Top

-Ebony fretboard

-Reverse head stock

-ESP hard shell case

-Professionally setup low/mid action for standard tuning 10-46

I cannot recall the body/neck wood. Guitar is in great shape and well taken care of. I attached a link of one my songs if you want to hear the guitar in action.

I can answer any serious questions you have, this has been my baby for the past 5 years, well taken care of, and professionally set up 2-3 a year.

NO RETURNS once the item is shipped. Let’s make sure this is what you want before you buy it, please.

Thank you,