ESP Standard Eclipse-II 2007 – 2013 – Snow White

$ 1350.00

2010 esp eclipse in Snow White.

I am the second owner.

The pickups and potentiometers have been replaced with Bare Knuckle riff raffs and Gibson potentiometers . A tesi kill switch has been installed for increased fun.

This eclipse plays very well however there is some very minor buzzing in the middle portion of the fretboard (only a few spots). If you are lighter player you probably won’t notice. I don’t notice any dead notes when I play. I would still recommend a setup to get the most potential out of this eclipse.

The eclipse is in great condition with only a few minor areas that pictured. frets appear to have plenty of life!

Overall this an awesome guitar that stays in tune and rocks hard. I will be sad to see it go but I need the money for other expense.