ESP MX-250II 2000 – James Hetfield model

$ 29999.00

I am listing ESP MX250 II – Metallica James Hetfield Model.

I am 2nd owner and 1st owner has bought it from Big Boss Ochanomizu (Tokyo) as a new guitar about 20 years ago.

Neither him or I have ever used it for a show or studio and kept it in the house, as it was sitting in this hard case most of the time. You will not be able to see this guitar in this condition.

Pickups are EMG 81*2

It has every items including a Metallica Ninja Star key holder. It also equipped with Jim Dunlop strap pin.

The year of purchase on the warranty card represents the year 2000, or 12th year of Heisei period in the Japanese calendar as shown in the picture of the warranty card.

The serial number is 1705**** and the year of manufacture can be verified from the following website: 1991—1999—esp-mx-250

As you can see  it in the picture, there are some difference in color on the side of the neck near the nut, but according to the first owner it has been there since the purchase, and the surface does not have any dents or scratches. Since it has not been played too much, there’s no fret wear or any dents. Neck is pretty straight.

Exclusive hard case, warranty card included. Shipped in a larger cardboard case with insurance of course.