ESP Eclipse 2010 Vintage Black with Original Hardcase

$ 1988.37

Selling my ESP Eclipse in Vintage Black from 2010 with the original ESP hard case.

The guitar is Made in Japan in 2010. It’s the three knob model with gold hardware, two EMG pickups, ESP on the headstock, locking Gotoh tuners and extra jumbo frets. The colour is Vintage Black, which is a satin finish. The battery for the pickups is factory fitted within the control knob cavity.

The guitar is in very good condition and works perfectly. As expected it has a few aesthetic blemishes, such as a few small, thin scratches on the top of the body that only shows when the lighting is at the right angle which you otherwise can’t see. It has the very common, small ding on the back of the middle horn on the headstock. The gold colour of the hardware has been worn down in some places, most notably on the top of the bridge and one of the volume knobs. Again, this is very common for any older guitar with gold hardware, nothing out of the ordinary. The colour of word “Eclipse” on the headstock has slightly faded on some letters, which is very common as well. All of this should be apparent in the photos. Otherwise the guitar is in great condition, it even has the stickers on the back still.

The original ESP hardcase is in good condition and works great. It has a been used and therefore has a few scratches and marks on the outside. The inside is perfect though. The key for the case’s lock is missing, unfortunately. With the case I also include tools for adjusting the truss rod of the guitar.