ESP E-II M-I Thru NT 2014 – Present – Black Satin

$ 1250.00

Hi guys, looking to party with my ESP E-II M-1. I originally purchased this from Reverb back in 2022, seen here:

I hadn’t played in many years and I hoped to rekindle the passion, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I will say this guitar plays really well and sounds amazing for metal. I’d never played an active pickup before and the EMG 81 did not disappoint. I’m looking to clear some space at my place, and since it’s just sitting in the case under my bed, back on Reverb it goes.

The guitar has had some repair which you can see in the pictures. The previous owner had this professionally repaired and it’s not even noticeable unless you look pretty closely. I’ve had the guitar for over 2 years now and it’s still completely smooth. Definitely doesn’t affect playability or sound. Here’s what the original owner had to say (see full details at link above):

“I took this off a dead guy. Wait, no… that’s not it. Oh, right – while in storage, the poor thing had some nasty fret sprout in a few places. That’s all been cleaned up, but you can see a few spots on the ebony fingerboard where the fret wire pushed to the finish. I could spend five minutes covering it up with a magic marker, but that darn ethic of mine won’t let me. The playability is affected in no way whatsoever and the guitar is darn-near mint cond. otherwise.

Purchased new in 2016. Comes with the HSC (again, stickers are at no extra charge) in great shape and all the case candy. Ironically, the stickers are still in there. This was just gone over by my tech and it’s ready for a new home.”

I’d rather not ship, so if you purchase locally (Huntsville, AL) I’ll throw in a K&M 17540 guitar stand:

Let me know if you have questions or want to see more pictures. Happy to let you play it if you’re in the area, just let me know. I wouldn’t mind driving to meet you depending on the situation.